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flixpeliculasmayo 13, 2022

Yor is the Thorn Princess, a deadly Ostanian assassin. But she can’t compare to these elite anime assassins.
Spy x Family is a hit shonen anime based on author Tatsuya Endo's ongoing manga series of the same name. It tells the tale of the Westalis spy Twilight/Loid Forger and his top-secret mission to infiltrate the nation of Ostania and uncover Donovan Desmond's plans no matter what. Along the way, Loid built his own "found family" with the telepathic youngster Anya and his new bride, Yor Briar.
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Yor is a city hall clerk by day and an elite assassin known as the Thorn Princess by night, and she has the right skills and weapons to dispatch anyone who crosses her. Yor has some serious moves at her disposal, but she still doesn't rank among anime's most powerful assasins of all. Some anime assassins can do things the Thorn Princess can't even imagine.
The story of Naruto is populated with ninja who are, by definition, trained assassins, though they don't always act like it. Some of these characters are more like Dragon Ball Z or My Hero Academia characters, using flashy, supernatural moves to fight rather than stealth. But a few ninja do act like classic assassins.
Zabuza Momochi, the demon of the bloody mist, is a good example. He'll choose a target, then use a thick veil of mist to conceal his movements and ambush his foe when they least expect it. He can easily take someone's head off this way, and it makes him a stronger and scarier assassin than Yor Forger is.
Most Soul Reapers are sword-slinging monster hunters rather than assassins, but squad 2 is different. Squad 2's members are trained assassins and martial artists, and as of the Soul Society arc, squad 2's commander is the deadly Captain Soi Fon, who wields a shikai that puts all other weapon tools, even Zabuza's, to shame.
Soi Fon's shikai, Suzumebachi, is a stinger that can deliver instant death to anyone who gets stung twice in the same spot, regardless of the victim's defenses or abilities. That, combined with Soi Fon's superhuman speed and agility, makes her an anime assassin of the highest caliber.
The hero killer Stain is a roguish assassin who made it his duty to purge the world of unworthy superheroes, such as those who fight for fame or money rather than the basic principles of a hero. Stain has dispatched many skilled pro heroes in his day, and it's all thanks to his fearsome weapons and bizarre Quirk.
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Stain's Bloodcurdle Quirk activates when he consumes his victim's blood, rendering the target paralyzed for a few moments. This leaves them vulnerable to Stain's swords and daggers, and even without that Quirk in effect, Stain is still formidable with his speed, stealth, and swordplay.
The Golden Wind story arc introduced a whole team of villainous assassins known as La Squadra, all of whom are Stand users. The strongest of them is a black-clad fellow named Risotto Nero, who wields the formidable Stand called Metallica in battle. It's downright deadly when used correctly.
Risotto can coat himself in metal powder to become invisible, a vital trait for any assassin, but that's not all. He can also reshape the iron in his target's blood to form blades that shred the victim from within, which is an easy way to kill someone. Yor can't do anything remotely like that.
At one point, the isekai hero Rimuru Tempest befriended a group of six ogres, who were all that remained of their tribe. This included the stealthy Souei, who is this world's version of a ninja. He has incredible speed, agility, and senses to his name, but that's not all.
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Souei can create a few clones of himself to scout the area or fool his enemies, and he can even teleport to quickly return to Rimuru's hometown to report back. He also boasts incredible skill in battle, especially when he lands the first blow.
The punkish shonen hero Killua Zoldyck was raised in an entire family of assassins, and even as a 12-year-old boy, he can do things in battle that Yor Forger couldn't even fathom. To begin with, Killua's martial arts skills and reflexes are at least on Yor's level, if not better, and he's got the advantage of Nen, too.
Killua can use his Nen to greatly augment his strength in battle, and in particular, he figured out a way to make an electric Nen attack to zap his foes into submission. In fact, this might have inspired Sasuke Uchiha's Chidori move in Naruto. Coincidence or not, it's still impressive.
The ninja villain Speed-O-Sound Sonic is Saitama's sworn enemy and unreciprocated rival. Ever since their first meeting, Sonic has vowed to take that caped baldy down, though he lacks the speed, strength, and technique to do it. Even if Saitama isn't an assassin, he's still quicker than Sonic.
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Sonic still compares well to most other anime assassins, and that includes Yor Forger, too. Yor has some serious moves and cool weapons at her disposal, but not even she could have dispatched the Paradisers the way Sonic did. He's got her beat in most categories.
The demon slayer corp is fairly similar to the Soul Reapers of Bleach, being a large group of sword-wielding, professional monster hunters with a few assassins thrown in for variety's sake. The sound Hashira Tengen Uzui is Demon Slayer's version of Captain Soi Fon, a sword user who is also a trained ninja.
Tengan may lack Soi Fon's instant-death shikai, but he makes up for it with his astonishing speed, agility, and reflexes in battle, not to mention his incredible stealth and tracking skills. He can challenge the Upper Moons with his formidable firepower, while Yor would simply be overwhelmed.
Akame is the deadliest member of the Night Raid group, a squad of assassins who all wield unique weapons, such as Mine the well-dressed sniper to the new hire, Tatsumi himself. Akame, meanwhile, can put most anime assassins, including Yor Forger, to shame with her superhuman skills and abilities.
Like Zabuza and Tengen, Akame is an assassin with a sword, a black blade coated in an ultra-deadly poison that can claim a victim's life in mere seconds. That, combined with Akame's elite skills born of brutal training, makes her an assassin far beyond Yor Forger's capabilities.
Despite his huge frame and blunt personality, the mighty Daz Bones, once known as Mr. 1, is an assassin, and he stated as much to his opponent, Roronoa Zoro. Mr. 1 ate a devil fruit that allows him to sharpen any part of his body into a hardened weapon, often blades or even rotating buzz saws. He usually morphs his hands and feet this way, using each limb as a weapon.
Mr. 1 can easily stab, slice, or decapitate anyone whom Sir Crocodile tells him to, and even if he lacks Yor's stealth, his formidable firepower more than makes up for it. Most swords and bullets will simply break when they make contact with his weaponized body.
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