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flixpeliculasmayo 14, 2022

A new preview for the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super discusses Bardock’s controversial wish and shows Goku wearing a set of Saiyan armor.
Dragon Ball Super released a preview for the manga's next chapter.
The new preview panels were revealed on the official Dragon Ball website and show off a number of different scenes from the next installment of the sequel manga. The images show that the new chapter will continue the lengthy flashback from Chapter 83, as the images show Bardock with his wife, Gine. The story will also assumedly jump back to present-day events, as Goku is glimpsed wearing a set of Saiyan battle armor that resembles the gear that his father once wore.
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The most notable scene in the preview panels shows Goku and Vegeta discussing what it means to be a Saiyan and their thoughts on Bardock's controversial wish to the Dragon Balls from the manga's previous chapter. In Chapter 83 of the series, Bardock refused a chance to save his own life using the Dragon Balls, and instead wished that his sons, Goku and Raditz, would "end up thriving." The wish has become a massive point of contention within the Dragon Ball fandom, with some fans now believing that the wish is the source of Goku's immense strength, while others have picked apart the official translation or have interpreted the wish as Bardock merely wishing for his sons' happiness. In the new preview panels, Vegeta states that he thinks that the wish is why both Goku and Raditz were able to avoid Frieza's extermination of the rest of the Saiyan race.
Earlier this year, a representative for the series stated that the current Granolah the Survivor saga will wrap up soon, but the story still has a few twists and turns left to go before it wraps up. The arc first began in 2020 and introduced several new characters to the series, including the eponymous Granolah, the sole survivor of a race that was supposedly driven to near-extinction by the Saiyans decades ago.
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The new chapter of the manga will be released on May 20 in Japan. Production on Dragon Ball Super is supervised by series creator Akira Toriyama and features art by Toyotarou, Toriyama's chosen successor.
In addition to the new manga chapter, Dragon Ball fans can also look forward to the upcoming premiere of the series' latest movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The CG animated movie will debut in Japan on June 11, with an international release from Crunchyroll set to follow sometime this summer.
Source: Dragon Ball official website
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