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flixpeliculasmayo 14, 2022

The anime is a surprise but is Ya Boy Kongming manga complete, finished, or ongoing?
Ya Boy Kongming is the spring season’s surprise anime. Because of its ludicrous premise, many did not anticipate Kongming to stand out among the shows. This only serves to prove that even the most absurd story can be successful. Fans are currently concerned about the manga’s current status. Is Ya Boy Kongming manga complete, finished, or ongoing? Here’s everything you need to know!
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Yuto Yotsuba wrote the Ya Boy Kongming manga, which was illustrated by Ryo Ogawa.
Tensei Daiseijo no Isekai Nonbiri Kikou and the Ellie Golden series are two of Yotsuba’s best-known works. Ryo Ogawa, on the other hand, is the mastermind behind the art of Sekitou and Shijin Keisatsu.
The manga debuted on Comic Days on December 31, 2019, and continued until November 16, 2021. It was eventually moved to Weekly Young Magazine, which had a seinen demographic.
Kodansha USA has also licensed the manga on June 1, 2021, for a North American English release.
The Ya Boy Kongming manga follows Zhu Ge Liang, also known as Kongming, the infamous Three Kingdoms General in China.
Before he died, Kongming desired to be reincarnated in a world without war. He was reborn in modern-day Shibuya, Japan, after the gods heard his request.
Kongming, clad in his Taoist robe and wielding his renowned crane feather fan, runs into Eiko Tsukimi in a nightclub on Halloween evening. Eiko’s singing voice catches Kongming’s interest, resulting in their strange relationship.
Kongming, ever determined, agreed to become Eiko’s manager and tactician in order to assist the young girl in achieving her goals. Kongming wants to be a part of Eiko’s performance at the world’s greatest EDM music event!
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The Ya Boy Kongming manga is still ongoing at the time of writing.
Fans can currently collect nine separate tankobon volumes of the manga. Kongming, to Descend Upon Shibuya was the title of the first chapter.
The first volume has five chapters, with an extra section titled Zhuge Kongming’s House Hunting. Meanwhile, the second volume has eight chapters with a bonus piece called Kongming to Preview an Abode.
The remaining volumes, up to and including No. 6, each have eight chapters plus an extra one.
Ya Boy Kongming‘s manga is now available in English until Volume 7 after its May release.
The manga isn’t going to conclude anytime soon, as Yotsuba himself hasn’t given any indications. As Eiko makes her way to the world’s largest EDM event, Kongming appears to be here to stay.
You can read Ya Boy Kongming on the Kodansha US website in the meantime. The anime, on the other hand, is currently available with English subtitles on HIDIVE and BiliBili TV.
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