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Anime fans who remain open-minded can easily imagine anime characters as potential avatars for Moon Knight’s Ammit.
The newest addition to the Disney+ run of Marvel series has managed to plant itself firmly into the MCU despite casting a relatively obscure MC. Nobody should blame a casual anime viewer for typing Ammit’s name into their search engine of choice to find out more about the Egyptian god of divine retribution.
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The Egyptian gods entered the MCU and the plot of Moon Knight through their avatars. Between Layla El-Faouly, Arthur Harrow, and Marc Spector's fractured consciousness, keeping track of all the avatars in Moon Knight can be difficult. Luckily, the anime world is full of morally ambiguous characters and open-minded fans who are willing to say that one avatar is never enough.
The King of the Chimera Ants is first and foremost a King. The way Meruem confidently walks through the world of Hunter X Hunter supports his claim to the throne in a way that no words ever could.
Meruem is so confident in himself that he is willing to challenge any person, nen ability, or ideal in order to cement himself as the one true King. Ammit could make good use of a ruthless avatar like Meruem, but first, she would have to convince the King to bend his knee.
The Tornado of Terror is the second-highest ranking hero in the world of One-Punch Man. Her incredible ESP abilities combined with her commitment to justice make her a true threat on the battlefield.
If Ammit were able to strike a deal with Tatsumaki, the S-Ranked Hero would prove to be a ruthlessly capable avatar. Unfortunately, Tatsumaki is stubborn about her independence, meaning her own plans would more than likely conflict with Ammit's plan to control the world through fear.
The pride and joy of the Uchiha Clan has a troubled past and an even more troubling moral compass. This combination makes the genjitsu-style ninja a perfect tool for a god like Ammit. The only thing deterring Ammit from making Itachi her avatar is his skill as a shinobi.
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Regardless of the allegiances that Itachi makes, he wisely keeps his plans and motivations close to his chest. Itachi is so secretive that not even Ammit would be able to get an accurate read on his scales.
The modern-day wielder of the Cursed Spirit Manipulation Cursed Technique is as liable to be a tool of Ammit as he is to volunteer his services to the personification of divine retribution. After leaving Tokyo Jujutsu High, Geto immediately began manipulating humanity in order to collect Cursed Spirits and gain power.
Ammit's plan to pluck evil from the world before it shows itself through action is eerily similar to Geto's plans. From the perspective of both, humanity is a breeding ground for evil and should be controlled or annihilated before they are able to act on the evil in their hearts.
After escaping the grasp of the Demon's farm system and before reuniting with Emma and Ray, Norman used his brilliance to plot the elimination of Demonkind. His plan was ruthless and efficient in its execution and would have taken countless innocent lives if Emma hadn't stepped in.
The redemption arc that followed Norman and Emma's reunion is a big part of The Promised Neverland, but if Ammit managed to catch Norman before he was reunited with his childhood friends, she would have found a brilliantly capable avatar.
Nobody executes secret government conspiracies better than Wrath from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Throughout his series, Wrath posed as King Bradley, the original Führer of Amestris, and fooled an entire nation into giving their lives for Father's plan.
Thanks to Wrath's successful ruse, a nation that prided itself on its alchemical prowess had no idea that they were being used in a giant alchemical experiment. If Bradley proved to be just a fraction as effective serving as Ammit's avatar, the Egyptian goddess would be a bigger threat than ever before.
The protagonist of Code Geass has the ability to plant commands within a person's mind with nothing more than a glance. With this power, Lelouch tried to direct the collective consciousness of all mankind, which only pushed his Geass into both eyes and effectively made him more dangerous.
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If Ammit needed a way to stop humanity from committing evil deeds and disrupting her scales, Lelouch would make the perfect avatar. With just a glance, Ammit would have balanced scales and a smile on her reptilian face.
The antagonist of the second season of The Legend of Korra is often overlooked when bringing up Korra's rogues gallery. When compared to the way Kuvira and Amon impacted the world of TLok, Unalaq clearly fell short. On the other hand, if fans took time to consider the power behind Unalaq's antagonistic behavior, he would earn himself a chance at redemption.
The ability to bend spirits into submission led Unalaq into a symbiotic relationship with Vaatu. The bond that was formed between these two characters allowed Unalaq to absorb the power of a god-like spirit and serve as an evil avatar with the power to take on Avatar Korra.
Similar to the way Arthur Harrow freely offered up his body to Ammit, Light Yagami wouldn't hesitate to become the avatar of divine retribution. Throughout the course of his own series, Light used the Death Note to become judge, juror, and executioner for anyone that he believed would make the world a more dangerous place.
In many cases, this meant Light would write the names of innocent citizens of the world into his notebook before they ever committed any evil deed. With the power of Ammit backing him, there is no doubt that Light would have succeeded as Kira and become the physical embodiment of divine retribution on Earth.
There is no reason to explain how overpowered Eren Yeager would be if her served as Ammit's Avatar. The man who possesses the power of three different Intelligent Titans is already the most powerful character in Attack on Titan. With Ammit's power backing him, Eren's plot to eliminate every threat to the Eldian people would be as simple as mooching off of Sasha's stolen supply of meat.
Due to the limited power system in the world of Attack on Titan, not a single character, Levi included, could stand up to the power of Ammit. If Eren possessed this power, it would be game over for all whose scales were deemed unbalanced.
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