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flixpeliculasmayo 14, 2022

Aharen-San Is Indecipherable is a lovable new rom-com series for fans of Komi Can’t Communicate and Horimiya.
Aharen-San Is Indecipherable, a charming new rom-com anime series of the Spring 2022 season, tells the tale of the quiet kuudere Aharen Reina and her blossoming relationship with her equally stoic but warm-hearted classmate, Raido. The two strike up an unlikely but wholesome friendship which could lead to a gentle romance someday, just like in Horimiya.
In the meantime, even if "I love you" is far in the future, fans of rom-com anime and slice-of-life stories are sure to enjoy Aharen-San is Indecipherable and what it has to offer. This series is fairly short and conventional by most standards, but many fans will agree it's already one of 2022's best romantic comedies alongside My Dress-Up Darling and Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War's third season.
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Being a slice-of-life comedy series, Aharen-San is less about plot and more about personality and presentation, and the franchise absolutely delivers. The story begins when the ordinary but kind boy Raido decides to befriend his tiny, charming classmate Aharen Reina. He soon learns that even though her voice is whisper-quiet, this girl has a vibrant inner life and a warm heart if people will listen to her.
Raido extends a hand of friendship and once Aharen accepts, the two begin their daily adventures together, from sharing lunch on the roof to experimenting with freestyle rap and going to the arcade more than a few times. Aharen is quite fond of games and often expresses herself through them.
Along the way, Aharen is happy to see her protective dandere friend Oshiro looking out for her, and hopes that Oshiro and Raido can become friends someday. Aharen is also friends with some kids who hang out at the local park, including Akkun, who looks up to her as a king. She is much humbler than any wannabe king, though, perfectly happy to let her actions do the talking while her selfless generosity makes her easy for viewers to like. It's no wonder Raido enjoys spending time with her so much.
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The Aharen-San Is Indecipherable manga is ongoing in Japan, and has not yet been collected into omnibus volumes or deluxe hardback editions. As of this writing, the Aharen-San manga series has not yet been translated and released into English, though given the length of the Japanese version — 13 volumes and counting — it is likely that the Aharen-San manga will soon see a Western release.
Until then, interested fans can find colorful Aharen-San Is Indecipherable journals from retailers such as Amazon, perfect for any fan who has a thing or two to write. Many anime series have brand-name journals like these, in fact, or even calendars and daily planners.
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Season 1 of Aharen-San is Indecipherable is ongoing, with a handful of episodes released as of this writing. The anime is streaming in Southeast Asia primarily on the Bilibili streaming platform, while Western fans can find it on Crunchyroll, which streams each episode as they air in Japan. The anime is dubbed only in Japanese for now, with subtitle languages ranging from English to German, Latin American Spanish, Russian, Italian and a few other languages.
Aharen-San Is Indecipherable does not yet have a Blu-ray/DVD release, but when Season 1 concludes, retailers such as Amazon and Right Stuf Anime might stock any future physical release of the anime.
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