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Sasuke Uchiha will only acknowledge anime warriors who are on his level, and there are only a few of them from other anime universes who truly are.
Naruto is a member of shonen's original "big three" anime, and its main characters have all matured into incredibly powerful and skilled fighters. This is true not only for the protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, but also for his best friend/rival Sasuke Uchiha, the boy who turned to the dark side to gain incredible power. He'll stop at nothing to get the edge on Itachi.
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Sasuke is a naturally talented ninja who took things to the next level with his curse mark's terrifying power, his Chidori jutsu, the mighty Mangekyo Sharingan, and more, putting him leagues ahead of most other anime fighters. He compares well to most shonen and seinen characters, hero or villain, and he would only acknowledge a few of them as truly being on his level.
The isekai hero Rimuru Tempest made a truly powerful friend when the pink-haired Demon Lord Milim Nava showed up one sunny afternoon. Even if Milim acts like a bratty troublemaker, she is far older and more powerful than her appearance would suggest, and she is not afraid to flaunt it, either.
Milim may lack Sasuke's advanced ocular jutsu and ninja tools, but she makes up for it with her superhuman strength, speed, and endurance, which can even rival the likes of Might Guy when using his Gates. Milim is also capable of the Drago Buster move, a devastating magical attack that can level entire mountains. She is also capable of flight.
The isekai hero Naofumi Iwatani isn't nearly as powerful as Rimuru Tempest, even if he is one of the four Cardinal Heroes who is destined to save the Kingdom of Melromarc from ruin. As his title suggests, Naofumi can only use magical shields in battle, which are often imbued with special properties.
This makes Naofumi a flexible support fighter, and he has found creative ways to gain some offensive power, such as the snake-based shield or the frightful power of his Wrath/Rage Shield. But he cannot truly compare to Sasuke, who has his Susano'o as his own shield. And he's got a lot more than that.
The symbol of evil himself, All For One, is easily on Sasuke's level and then some. Both anime characters are noted for using a remarkable variety of superpowers in battle, with each of them being like a one-man army in later stages of their development. They can't help but gobble up every Quirk or jutsu they come across.
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All For One and Sasuke are remarkably similar, and each of them would respect the other's abilities, though they wouldn't be too keen to fight each other. All For One has more "jutsu" than Sasuke, but the symbol of evil must not underestimate Sasuke's "Quirks" like the Amaterasu and Chidori.
Tanjiro's squadmate Zenitsu Agatsuma, like Sasuke, is a lightning-wielding anime sidekick with a strong personality, though Zenitsu is certainly not yet on Sasuke Uchiha's level, and he might never be, either. Zenitsu has a cowardly streak in battle, and he has no real ambition to grow stronger or become the best.
Zenitsu is capable of remarkable feats in battle when he falls asleep, since that unlocks the true potential of his thunder breathing. He was truly impressive during the fight against Daki and Gyutaro, but Sasuke has many more tricks up his sleeve than quick movements and sword strikes.
General Esdeath is the major antagonist of Akame Ga Kill!, a bloody fantasy shonen series that's all about deadly assassins and their unique weapons and skills. Even the elite members of the Night Raid group are wary of the famed General Esdeath, a commander who wields formidable ice powers in battle.
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General Esdeath can take on entire battalions of enemy soldiers and win with her advanced tactical abilities, ice powers, and her swordplay, and she can use not one, but three Trump Cards to overwhelm her strongest foes. Amusingly, she also ranks as one of the most popular anime waifus of all time, given her wholesome crush on Tatsumi.
Sasuke can be directly compared to a variety of anime sidekicks or cold villains, since he has been both. For example, Sasuke can be measured up against the vicious homunculus Wrath, who embodies the pitiless, merciless nature of wrath as a cold-blooded killer. He doesn't usually feel anger, just a remorseless desire to butcher his enemies.
Wrath actually does have ocular powers, with his Ultimate Eye allowing him to track his enemies Sharingan-style. He can back that up with his advanced swordplay and reflexes, but alas, not much else. He lacks Sasuke's jutsu, and he can't even generate his flesh like the other six homunculi. His Philosopher's Stone has too few souls in it for that.
If Sasuke Uchiha visited the Fairy Tail guild hall and met Mirajane the cheerful barmaid, he would have no inkling that she could rival his power in a real fight. Mirajane can use Take Over magic to emulate a demon with the Satan Soul ability, which grants her enormous speed, strength, and durability in battle, not to mention flight.
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Mirajane can use all kinds of "jutsu" in this mode, from destructive darkness blasts to lightning and water-based magic as well. She later became even stronger after using the powers of Halphas and Sitri, not to mention Satan Soul: Mirajane Seilah. She's a match for any Uchiha.
The ghoul Touka Kirishima wields an ukaku kagune, meaning she has a great deal of agility and burst damage in battle, but she also wears out quickly in battle and has limited stamina if she can't conveniently eat human flesh to recharge her powers. Sasuke Uchiha has no such issues.
In a fight, Touka can regenerate her flesh and use ranged attacks with her wing-shaped kagune, but not much else. She is far from Tokyo Ghoul's strongest fighter, and few Tokyo Ghoul characters could rival the likes of a fully powered-up Sasuke Uchiha. Even Kisho Arima would have his hands full with Sasuke.
Avatar Aang steadily grew stronger and wiser over the course of Avatar: The Last Airbender. He learned to bend water from his friend Katara and the elderly Pakku, then was coached in the ways of earthbending before mastering the art of firebending as well. In Naruto terms, Aang has four chakra releases all at once.
Aang cannot bend metal, blood, or lightning, but he hardly needs to. With the four elements and the Avatar State, Aang can defeat any foe, even the mighty Fire Lord Ozai, and Sasuke had better watch out. If Sasuke threatens the peace and balance of the land, he'll have to answer to Aang.
If Yuji Itadori can be thought of as the next Ichigo Kurosaki or Naruto Uzumaki, then that means his grouchy sorcerer ally is the new Sasuke Uchiha. Like Sasuke, Megumi's moody ways and dark hair set him apart from the hero, but he isn't exactly on Sasuke's level yet.
Megumi has some experience fighting curses and can use a variety of shadow puppet animals to fight, such as birds and dogs, but none of that can compare to the Magekyo Sharingan and the Chidori. Megumi doesn't even have the same tactical acumen that Sasuke does, either.
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